DogeBNB tokenomics and fundraising update
2 min readMay 23, 2021


DogeBNB is doge on Binance Smart Chain.

Firstly, thanks for being our early community member, and I hope you’ll find lots of fun with the best altcoin DogeBNB. We have updated fundraising goals, tokenomics and distributed coins to the separated wallets to follow DogeBNB chain activity as easily as possible.

Fundraising updated

Goal: 250BNB

NB! Marketing, team, and foundation tokens will be locked after reaching fundraising goal 250BNB.

Fundraising terms: we are selling tokens via exchanges so the price of DogeBNB will be highly volatile. The fundraising goal is 250BNB. Once we’ve reached the 250BNB goal we will calculate the total coins sold and decrease the total circulating supply to 50% by burning team, foundation, liquidity, BSC airdrop, marketing pools. After we burn the tokens, 90% foundation, 90% team, 60% marketing tokens will be locked into the smart contract for 5 years with the monthly distribution. Fair distribution!

You can buy DogeBNB from Pancakeswap:


Funds usage:

250BNB will be used:

100BNB — DOGEBNB airdrop gas fees

100BNB — liquidity for the exchanges

50BNB — marketing

Wallets overview:

  1. Publicly sold DogeBNB wallet ( 50% of total supply):

2. Liquidity wallet ( 15% of total supply):

3. Marketing wallet ( 10% of total supply):

4. Binance Smart Chain projects airdrops wallet (10% of total supply):

5. Team wallet (10% of total supply)

6. Foundation wallet ( 5% of total supply):

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Dogecoin 2.0. DogeBNB is doge on the Binance Smart Chain. Inspired by Dogecoin, Cz and Elon Musk. Ultrafast and cheap global payments. The best altcoin for 2021