DogeBNB Tokenomics Updates
2 min readSep 12, 2021


Thank you, everybody, who participated in DogeBNB IDO. All the final numbers are out check below. We keep everything as transparent as possible.

Total funds raised: 60,08 BNB.

Total funds received: 48.06 BNB— 20% funds were deposited to the Pancake Swap and Jul swap DogeBNB/BNB liquidity pool which will be locked forever.

Funds received will be held in the Foundation wallet. We have decided that all the funds collected will be used for marketing, development, Binance Smart Chain projects airdrops, NFT-s. We have awesome updates soon.

Overview of DogeBNB Wallets:


Total Supply changes:

Total sold 384 724 071 702 944 DogeBNB — 384 trillion. We have planned to raise 100BNB for 70% of the total supply at 1 quadrillion total supply. Because IDO didn’t sell out, total supply was reduced automatically by Julpad from 1 quadrillion to 644,687,693,002,937– 644 trillion DogeBNB.

The Foundation wallet has a total of 35,0672% supply. Our initial plan was to keep 30% for the activities and sell 70%.

5,0672% extra supply has been placed in a separate Emergency fund wallet. Moving forward, once we have reached all the milestones that have been set for the IDO funds, we’ll decide whether we use those tokens for the additional funding or burn them.

We are all still very early.

Thank you for your support!



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