Team tokens 20-year unlock schedule revealed
2 min readDec 19, 2021


We totally agree with CZ that the teams should have long-term commitment because Rome wasn't built in a day and good things do take time.

We think that even 10 years is not enough. So we have decided to lock team tokens for the period of 20 years. Last batch of DogeBNB tokens will be released on 18 December 2041. See you there!

10% of total supply — 64 Billion DogeBNB is locked and will be unlocked in 20 years.

20-year unlock schedule:

5Y — 16BLN DogeBNB

Unlock time: 18 Dec 2026

10Y — 16BLN DogeBNB

Unlock time: 18 Dec 2031

15Y — 16BLN DogeBNB

Unlock time: 18 Dec 2036

20Y — 16BLN DogeBNB

Unlock time: 18 Dec 2041

Follow unlock schedule:

Our team is committed to building DogeBNB and the community over long period of time. token is here to stay and hopefully we will solve some big real world issues to make a world a better place for all of us. Stay tuned!

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